At Campbellford Veterinary Services, we believe that when it comes to animal healthcare, prevention is always the best medicine. Routine examinations provide our veterinarians with the opportunity to gather a complete picture of your pet’s health, as well as to identify and address any potential concerns before they become a problem. This not only increases the chances of your pet living longer and remaining healthy, but it also saves you the hassle and expense of having to treat a preventable condition in the future.  See the section on Wellness Plans below, for great packages that give you comprehensive wellness care in an affordable way

Our wellness and vaccination programs are designed to prevent disease and prolong the lives of your companion animal. A complete medical assessment includes a thorough physical examination during which your pet’s eyes, ears, skin, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal and skeletal system are examined for any abnormalities. A number of diagnostic tests may also be ordered to assess the proper function of your pet’s internal organs.

At Campbellford Veterinary Services, we recommend that you bring your pet in for a routine wellness visit at least once a year. These visits allow us the opportunity to get to know you, to develop a trusting relationship with your pet, and to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have about your animal companion. We want to work with you every step of the way to ensure that your pet enjoys a long, happy and healthy life.

Wellness Plans

Wellness plans are designed to help your pet live longer through affordable preventative care – not to simply treat illness, but rather to identify and address potential problems before they occur. The wellness plans offered to patients of Campbellford Veterinary Services are convenient packages that include all of the preventive services we expect your pet to need for that year.  To make sure that they are affordable, we offer 12 montly payments, with no additional sign-up fees.

Puppy or Kitten Wellness Plans

For these new additions to the family, we offer plans that take the worry out of their preventive care for that important first year.  They include the series of three puppy/kitten visits, with vaccination, nutritional and behavioural counselling, and of course, comprehensive physical examinations. Parasites will not be a problem, as all plans include deworming for intestinal parasites, a fecal examination, and flea/ heartworm prevention for the year.

Your pet’s spay or neuter is included, along with safety and comfort measures such as IV fluids, pre-operative blood screens, excellent pain management, placement of a microchip for identification, and 45 days of complimentary insurance coverage.  You will receive a complimentary bag of the diet we recommend for your pet’s needs.  Any additional visits needed during regular office hours will be at no additional charge for the entire year…..whether it’s for a nail trim, or a concern about something more serious.  Relax and enjoy this wonderful time with your new pet.

Adult Pet Wellness

We provide comprehensive wellness care for your adult pet, as well as diagnostic services that include but are not limited to blood testing, fecal testing, and urine testing. Every year we detect many disease processes in apparently ‘normal’ adult animals. The results help us address problems in the early stages. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments can result in your companion living a longer, healthier life.

Senior Pet Wellness

Once your dog or cat reaches the age of 7 years, we recommend that they undergo a thorough senior wellness exam and diagnostic work-up. Even though you may believe your pet is healthy, there are many disease processes that do not show any outward sign until the disease is quite advanced. More advanced diseases can be more difficult to treat and are not always as responsive to treatment as those that are diagnosed early. Early detection of diseases such as kidney or thyroid disease, allows us to administer the appropriate treatments to help extend your pet’s life.

Many symptoms that have historically been attributed to old age and considered untreatable are now treatable. For example, some dogs that appear to have lost their mental alertness can be returned to a mental status indicative of a younger age simply by administering the appropriate therapy. Both dogs and cats may seem to slow down with age, when it is really due to arthritis pain. This can be diagnosed at wellness visits and
managed to give them more years of comfort and mobility. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our senior wellness program in more detail.