Hospital Tour

Digital RadiographyNikki greets clients at receptionBrand new! Stainless steel dog kennelsSurgical suiteDr. Yvonne and Connie examine FelixSpacious exam roomsExamination tables flip up to allow more room for our bigger patientsCampbellford Veterinary ServicesCampbellford Veterinary ServicesAshley examines Piper's mouthDr.Gwen and Ashley discuss surgical treatments for hip dysplasiaDr.Gwen and Miranda working with Lloyd in rehabJJ and his new wheelsJJ receives electrotherapy to maintain muscles that he cant move on his ownPaige received rehab home visits when she couldn't walkJust look at Scamp go!Support in a standing position assists patients who cannot walk yetKitty getting her nails trimmed...Kitty getting an ultrasound...Dr. Gwen viewing a radiographKari-Anne examines a specimen in the lab